HOW To Use Olaplex On Your Hair ?

I am convinced by the Olaplex N° 0 treatment, the latest creation from Olaplex. N° 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment allows hair to absorb nutrients for maximum repair. It is therefore an ideal introduction to the world of Olaplex.

Inspired by professional products, this treatment prepares hair for in-depth repair, thanks to the highest concentration of Olaplex formula contained to date in a product to be used at home.

This helps rebuild hair bridges and strengthen and protect the integrity of your hair. It is scientifically proven to improve repair of your hair by 68% and increase resistance by 3 times (* as part of a two-step treatment, combined with No. 3 in one and the same use).

Note : A bottle of N ° 0 offers you 3 to 6 applications, depending on the length and density of your hair.

How often should i use Olaplex N° 0 ? 

Use Olaplex N° 0 and Olaplex N° 3 Hair Perfector for a two-step treatment, once a week on normal hair or two to three times a week on very damaged hair. This will rebuild the broken disulphide bridges in your hair and make it soft and silky between two hairdressing appointments.

How to use Olaplex ?
      1. Apply Olaplex N° 0 to dry hair. As for how much Olaplex to use, lightly accent each section of dry hair for the best results. This product is suitable for all hair types, especially those with visible damage.
      2. Gently apply Olaplex N° 0 to your dry hair, distributing evenly from roots to ends. Distribute Olaplex N° 0 over small sections, squeezing the liquid into the hair to be absorbed.
      3. Insist lightly on the driest areas. Your hair should be damp, but not soaking wet. Leave it on for 10 minutes and do not rinse it off.
      4. Apply Olaplex N° 3 on your hair with N° 0 still on. Distribute with a comb and leave on for an additional 10 minutes.
      5. Rinse your hair, shampoo and conditioner. For even silkier results, use Shampoo N° 4 and Conditioner N° 5 for this step.

Is Olaplex N ° 0 suitable for my hair type?
Everyone loves before / after pictures, especially when the results are clearly visible. It is scientifically proven that Olaplex improves repair of your hair by 68% and increases its resistance by 3 (* as part of a treatment in two simultaneous steps).

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Using Olaplex No. 0, can help you achieve the silky hair you've always dreamed of, whether it's curly or straight.
All Olaplex products restore disulfide bonds and hair shine, and afro hair is by far the best texture to reveal these qualities. It is one of the most beautiful and natural textures, but also one of the most difficult to maintain. This is due to their wide variety of curls which are susceptible to damage, crimping and warping when colored, twisted or compressed.
Even the most protective hairstyles, like braids and weaves, can affect their elasticity and disrupt their structure.
This is where the patented Olaplex technology comes in.
It is designed to rebuild the chemical bonds in hair, known as disulfide bridges. Naturally curly and frizzy hair contains many more disulfide bonds than straight hair and breaks when the hair is damaged by heat styling and chemical treatments.
While Olaplex rebuilds them, it also hydrates and strengthens the hair structure from the inside out. Thanks to this combination, your curls will stay alive, shiny and nourished (and thus you will avoid a drastic haircut).
With Olaplex, you can embrace your natural hair or curls in style.