WHY i would use Fillerina after getting my lip filler done

Have you ever wonder how to last your lips injectable ?  Look no more ! Fillerina dermo-cosmetics patent skincare is your (been my) answer.

After carefully chosen my doctor to make my lips look stunningly juicy and plumped, and after the first few days being in love of the inflammation of my 1ml of Restylane Kyss ( yes i use this brand) ... i needed to see more and keep it last like a proper H.A. junky i became . haha 

Who is Fillerina 

Fillerina patented formulas are a blend of different sized molecule weights of hyaluronic acid, which are particularly effective for absorption in the deep layers of the skin, in the plumping of wrinkles as well as adding volume to the cheeks and lips. 

Fillerina offers multiple products that answers any individual ladies or gents wanting to plump their skin. Based on volunteer trial surveys , it showed 95% positive comments and results. (over 1200 volunteers)

-Reduction of Wrinkle Depth by an average of 21.8% and up to 54.8%
-Plumping of Wrinkle Volume by an average of 26.3% and up to 48.1%
-Lifting of Cheekbones by an average of 2.51 mm and up to 3.67 mm
-Increase in Lip Volume by and average of 14.2% and up to 44.7%

How to use Fillerina Volume Lip

Fillerina Volume Lip is originally made for people wanting plumper lips without the need of visiting a clinic. As indicated above, some ladies did see an increase up to 40% of their current size, which is very good if i may say. 

It is recommended to apply at least 5 times per day for 30 days to see proper results. So for the ones that want a fast results that ... aint for you ! 

I've chosen to use mine one week after my lip filler injection ... if this can work for "virgin" lips it will definitely work my "not so virgin" lips :)

Just dont forget to drink water and loads of it as H.A. is based on water.

How does Fillerina Volume Lip works ? 

The principle of Fillerina Volume Lip is based on the filling and plumping action of its 6 Hyaluronic acid molecules with different molecules weights that penetrate the different layers of your lip skin. 

As skin ages, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the organism, and in particular in the skin gradually decreses, causing imperfections such as cutaneous sagging and loss of volume. 

What are the grade available ? 

At Beaute.ae Fillerina Volume Lips is offered in two grades , #2 and #3  . The higher the grade, the higher the volume.  It is indeed pricy, but after paying big box the most reputable lip doctor Dubai has, this Fillerina Lip Volume is the little cherry ..for my lips to continue its magic ...


Beaute.ae is an official seller of Fillerina brands in UAE. 100% original.