Crescina's Re-Growth HFSC Treatment

This is the story of a friend of mine, when back few years ago, she delivered a beautiful baby boy and was nursing him intensively ...
She was always proud of her thick hair, but seeing all that hair around the house brought up unprecedented anxiety and panic.

My mother who had had problems with localized alopecia some time before (it is now completely returned), i got her a box of Crescina vials Regrowth Treatment.

Who is Crescina ? 

Over 20 years ago, Labo researchers developed the first cosmetic preparation for topical use to help the physiological growth of hair in thinning areas: Crescina.

In the following years, the researchers developed a formula suitable for both men and women who suffered from hair thinning, with which the first efficacy tests on regrowth were carried out, up to the most recent years in which Labo has put together further proofs of efficacy. in-vivo and in-vitro with the aim of obtaining increasingly satisfactory results, using both clinical and instrumental evaluation methods.

In 2012, Labo achieved its objectives: the new Crescina HFSC was active in 100% of the tested subjects, it helps to preserve cellular longevity and to counteract aging of the scalp and the hair system.

It fights the thinning related to androgenetic alopecia by acting topically (with vials) directly on the hair bulb.

In 2014, the new Formula CRESCINA was born.

The Labo researchers then, deepening the previous research, to the heart of the patented Crescina Re-Growth (Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein), have associated a new complex which, in the anagen phase, determines a strong thickening of the papilla and of the follicular sheaths necessary for development of the hair, counteracting the miniaturization of the scalp bulbs which tends to thin out.


What are the results ?

Crescina treatment has always have positive results in the tests: 7 to 41 new hairs growing in an area of ​​1.8 cm², obtaining on average 6,300 new hairs growing after 4 months of treatment with Crescina HFSC

To facilitate the right choice of Crescina dosages, a
thinning classification scale, namely that of Hamilton / Norwood for men, and Ludwig / Savin for women. See below.

Crescina classification man thinning hair to read on

Crescina classification woman thinning hair to read on

According to the different stages of hair thinning there will be different increasing dosages of Crescina: 200, 500 and 1300, differentiated into specific formulas for men and women.

At - only Crescina Regrowth 1300 is sold. 

    The formula is patented and helps physiological hair growth.
    The special formulation allows some of these principles to be released gradually and continuously on the scalp (so-called retard action). The complex of active ingredients helps preserve cellular longevity and counteract the aging of the scalp and the hair system, in order to regrow hair.

    Naturally Crescina is indicated in cases of thinning due to physiological and non-pathological causes, as it does not act on completely atrophied follicles.
    Crescina has been developed in specific formulas for men and women.

    How to use Crescina Treatment

    The vials contain a yellow liquid for a dosage of 3.5 ml (= 1 vial) per day.

    They must be used every day for 5 days in a row and then let the hair rest for two days (perfect for the weekend).

    The vials should be applied to dry and clean hair, no matter whether it is morning or evening, choose the moment when you are most comfortable. It should be left to act until the next washing, at least 24 hours after its use.

    For example : 

    • Put the vial in the evening at 7pm. If you need to shampoo, wait until 7pm the next night.
    • After washing and drying your hair, you can safely put another vial back and do not wash your hair before the next evening.
    • During application, it may happen to feel a slight tingling (and in fact I felt it) but it is absolutely normal, because the slight heat is linked to the presence of the vasodilator (which stimulates regrowth).
    What is in the Crescina Regrowth Treatment box ? 

    In the box you will find a convenient applicator to be inserted as a cap over the vial, after having opened it; this will have two advantages:

    1. It is easier to distribute it on the skin (remember that it goes on the scalp not on the lengths, it would be useless)
    2. There is no risk of getting hurt with the chipped vial while the product is being distributed.

    Of course, the applicator is reusable, so do not throw it away after the first use, there are not 20 in the box.

    A few warnings ...

    To avoid affecting the effectiveness of the product, use it consistently: do not expect miracles if you use the vials once in a while.

    It should be used for at least 2 months, but usually the best results are seen in 3-4 months.

    If you need to do a dye, no problem: the use is absolutely compatible, but to avoid stressing the scalp too much, it is advisable to space the two treatments by at least 24 hours (for example on the weekend, during the two days off).
    Instead for common styling products, such as hairspray, foam, gel, etc. there are no special precautions to be taken, concurrent use is absolutely allowed.

    It is not essential (but it is advisable, of course) to use the shampoo from the same line, however it is important to use a delicate one, which is not aggressive, in order not to counteract the action of Crescina vials.