HOW to Have a Plumper Skin Non-Surgically ..?

Like it or not, we're living in an age where botox and fillers have become the new normal. (We will blame it on Instagram.)

But for every woman who is willing to undergo face-altering injections, there is another woman who can't bear the thought of a needle pointing at her face. And it is for this reason that non-surgical cosmetic procedures have increased in leaps and bounds.

While Fillerina has been available for purchase since 2014, it has only recently gained traction in the middle-east. This luxe hyaluronic acid-based treatment is a two-step process that you can apply to your own skin, in the comfort of your own home. Plus, there is a day cream and eye and lip cream for maintenance. Fillerina is a little more high tech than your average hyaluronic acid serum, but not quite as intense as skin-boosting injections.

But is Fillerina the non-surgical skin plumper it claims to be?

How Does Fillerina Work?
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Don't be fooled by the two syringes in the Fillerina starter pack—there will be no injections as part of this treatment. These two syringes allow for a very measured application of the highly concentrated Replenishing Gel and Nourishing Film.

Step 1: Use the syringe to draw out 2mL of the Replenishing Gel and drop onto an area of skin that needs a little plumping. This product does all of the heavy lifting and should be used sparingly.

Step 2: Use the other syringe to draw out the Nourishing Film. The Nourishing Film is more of an all-over moisturiser.

How Is Fillerina Different To Other Topical Hyaluronic Acid Treatments?

Fillerina is much, much stronger than your average hyaluronic acid serum.

Yet, despite giving similar results to hyaluronic acid-based skin-boosting injections, there are no needles involved. You could say it's the best of both worlds.

The Fillerina solution contains six different types of hyaluronic acid.

These different forms of hyaluronic acid contain varying sized molecules—some penetrate the top layers of the skin, others are small enough to reach the deeper layers.

Most of the hyaluronic acid serums and moisturisers on shelves contain one to three types of the molecule. As such, Fillerina have chosen to patent their formula, complete with its six types of hyaluronic acid. "A Swiss patent, actually, which is a hard patent to get because it covers most of the world," Melissa Peverini, Fillerina's Director of Education. "I saw a beauty brand's website which had a campaign about their 'three kinds of hyaluronic acid' and I laughed. We have six!"

How Much Does Fillerina Cost?

Fillerina packs vary in price depending on the grade. See below pricing.