NOUVEAU LASHES Helps You Growth Long Lashes

Each day - morning and evening, we take the time needed to look after our skin. We invest in products to enhance, protect and keep our faces looking the very best they can. Cleansing, toning, moisturising - 3 steps to ensure we start and end the day right. But what about our lashes?

In amongst my beauty routine for the past few years, you'll know I've used the Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum. A quick step after cleansing to nourish my lashes and ensure I'm taking just as much care of them, as I am my skin. An essential step for me, morning and night, to condition my lashes in between my beloved LVL treatments. 

In their quest to prove how simple eyelash care really is, Nouveau Lashes have developed the next step in your lash care routine and spoiler alert - you need this! Now your 3 step beauty routine can also include a quick 3 step lash care system that's easily integrated, both morning and night.

Enhanced length, increased volume, and improved strength.

Accredited by the vegan society, the serum itself is enriched with multi-vitamins, multifunctional protein and anti-pollution ingredients that combine to provide intense nourishment to revive your lashes & brows. As well as supporting lash growth, it's formula helps to minimise breakage by fortifying and strengthening from the root. All this inside a weightless formula, that isn't sticky and can be applied with one quick swipe.

For Who is it good for ? 

Powerful antioxidants also help protect lashes and brows from everyday environmental pollutants. When used beneath mascara, it can also act as a primer.

Suitable for both lash extensions and natural lashes.

The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.

Results ?  

After using it religiously morning and evening since it arrived my brows start to look smoking. Especially as I’m trying to grow my eyebrows in a little thicker after an accident with tweezers!

The nourishing properties of the conditioning serum will help promote this thickness I desire and will also keep my lashes as strong and healthy as they have been, as I’ve been using the first conditioning serum Nouveau released. I noticed a massive difference when I started using this as it made my lashes stronger and longer and I felt that I needed to apply less mascara!

Here's the technical bit ...

Did you know that the length and maximum growth of our natural eyelashes is genetically predetermined ?

This means the length that your lashes can grow to is limited but often hindered by factors such as a lack of key vitamins in our diets.

Here's why adding this Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Serum with its blend of vitamins and nutrients into your routine, can support new lash growth and help your lashes to reach their full potential. Its an important step in my beauty routine - especially when my lashes are already lifted to perfection with an LVL treatment. The perfect lash match.