Sensitive skin becomes red and irritated more easily, and superficial and enlarged blood vessels are also common. Where they appear on the face can vary but are most frequently seen around the nose or on the cheeks.

Sensitive skin reacts easily to different types of stress such as warmth, cold, sun and dry air. Consumption of alcohol, coffee and smoking can also worsen the state of your skin.

A reactive skin type is not consistently red and/or irritated like sensitive skin is but it flares up in reaction to different things such as strong products or when it is touched. Reactive skin does not always have the classic symptoms of sensitive skin such as visible blood vessels.


Sensitive skin must be thoroughly protected against sun, cold and wind.

  • It is important to avoid products that increase your circulation, such as active serums.
  • Instead choose a mild product that strengthens the skin and soothes any redness, whilst also strengthening the blood vessels. Most well-known brands will have a range suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid powerful exfoliants and hard scrubs, instead opt for an enzyme peel that will exfoliate your skin both mildly and effectively. BHA acids are both lightly exfoliating and anti-inflammatory at the same time, which makes them well suited for sensitive skin.

People suffering with eczema and the skin condition rosacea are also likely to be suffering from sensitive skin, but these issues require specific treatment. Check here for Rosacea. 

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