Farewell Extensions ! Hello LVL Lashes

An amazing treatment has landed Dubai which I went in to check out. I had my first ever lash lift last week and let's just say (before I get into all the details), I am absolutely loving it !

LVL treatment is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions and has been designed to dramatically enhance the client’s natural lashes giving Length, Volume and Lift for up to 6-8 weeks without the risk of damage. I have previously had lash extensions, which I loved, but also got a little sick of after a while. With lash extensions, there is a lot of up keep to keep them looking luscious and full at all times. I live a busy life and honestly, I just did not have time to continually go in and get infills, and I struggled with the feeling that my eyes were just never quite clean. Lash lifts, particularly the Nouveau LVL Lash Lift, is designed to enhance, nourish and protect your natural lashes - essentially making them look as good as they possibly can. 

Now let's talk about the treatment itself. So the lash lift takes about an hour total (unless you have stubborn, watery eyes like mine, in which case it might take a little longer just to ensure your lashes hold in the place they should) and are designed to last for up to 6-8 weeks. You simply head into Renee's salon, close your eyes and then she works her magic. 

The treatment itself was pain free and honestly felt super quick. While the treatments were working their magic on my lashes (for about 12 minutes), Once lash lift finished, the beautician tinted my lashes and then away I went. It's literally as simple as that. 

I was a little bit shocked when I first sat up and saw the finished product. It looked like I had just had a simple lash extension - my lashes looked thick, full and like I'd just put on a beautiful lengthening mascara. But the best part...they were just my natural lashes. Below you can see a little before and after, now my lashes do look a little spidery at the time, but bear in mind when I finally opened up my eyes again it was like a waterfall (again - stubborn, watery eyes). 
As for the after care, again...it's pretty simple - basically you want to avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours, then just try not to rub them or move them out of shape. The Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum, can also help to nourish your lashes and keep them looking healthy and feeling strong as well. Otherwise it's all pretty low maintenance. You can still wear mascara (I haven't for about the first week - I just honestly haven't felt like I needed it) and do eye make up as usual, so not much has to change in your routine once you have them done.

A little bit of real talk - I was a little bit unsure of them when I got home. They sat up super high and were quite stiff when I got home - poking into my eyelids kind of stiff. I went to bed reminding myself that once I'd showered after the 24 hours that they would soften a little and would be perfect, and they did exactly that. They now just look long and full, but also fluffy and super natural. It's basically the dream - the beautiful 'fake lashes' look, but without having to apply mascara, get extensions or wear falsies.  I am honestly converted and am already considering getting this done regularly, just to make life easier on work days.

Still need a little bit more convincing ?

Five reasons why you should try the LVL Lash Lift

  1. They're fuss free (Fact! No maintenance, you don't have to back every couple of weeks to fix them up)
  2. They're long lasting (will get back to you on this one, but after the first week they are still looking amazing!)
  3. You'll save time getting ready in the morning (I never realise how long mascara takes me until I don't have to wear it....)
  4. It's perfect for holidays (less fuss, more time for exploring!)
  5. You can still wear mascara (try the the Intense Black Mascara)