Look Tired ? Try This !

There are two little words that, especially as a newish mom, I dread hearing almost more than anything else: You look tired. And, much to my chagrin, I get them lobbed at me with some frequency. While they aren’t a false assessment (my baby does usually like to get her day started by 5am sharp), that my face reveals the visual evidence of my very real exhaustion is a tough beauty burden to bear. And the first long weekend of warm weather revelry, with its accompanying non baby-related late nights plus a hangover has only helped amplify my tired look.

Looking tired eyes

You’re likely familiar with the oft-referenced RBF (aka, resting bitch face), and to the category of beauty acronyms I would add RRF: Resting Resting Face. An affliction wherein one’s skin simply looks dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep; a woe that the combined impact of advancing age and baby-induced fatigue have bestowed on me. The visible symptoms? Besides a general laxity and dullness, I would conjecture that the other main pillar of RRF is entirely eye related: puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and, whatever the polar opposite of glowy is. And even the best under-eye concealers and highlighters (my current favorite: RMS Un-Concealer) can only do so much. Reinforcements have been required; in this case, that has meant a brigade of eye masks whose merits I’ve been testing to fake awake.



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Thanks to Restoring Eyes Night Gels from Patchology  Put fine lines to bed with a powerful nightly dose of anti-aging Retinol and Peptides. Cedrus atlantica Bark brightens and reduces dark circles. Arnica extract soothes tired eyes to sleep. These hydrogels work in just 5 minutes to restore a brighter, youthful appearance to overworked, under-rested eyes.