HOW To Master The Art Of Contouring

Contouring is a trend that has taken the makeup world by storm over the past few years. However, it can be slightly tricky to master. If you’ve attempted it in the past and didn’t get the results you anticipated, or maybe you’ve never given it a go, make this the year for you to master this feature enhancing trick. Don’t worry, we’re here to help de-mystify the whole art of contouring so you’ll be a master of this in no time.

So what is contouring and why are so many people infatuated by this craze? Contouring enhances the facial structure, providing the illusion of a more defined, slim face, particularly the cheekbones, nose and jawline. It is all about creating shadow in the right places to accentuate features or slim jawlines.

Ensuring that you’re using the right tools for contouring is essential. You want blended perfection, not obvious stripes. Our RODIAL INSTAGLAM COMPACT DELUXE CONTOURING POWER is a universal matte shade that mimics natural shadows with its cool, grey tone. It is advised that most skin tones avoid orange-based powders as this adds warmth to the skin which works well for bronzing but not for natural contouring. Our contour powder can be used for a subtle definition or can be built-up for the ultimate sculpt- either way it is best used with our SCULPTING BRUSH which is specifically designed with angled, tightly packed brush hairs to fit into the hollows of the cheeks and for precision placement.

How to apply

If you’re planning on wearing foundation then it is best to use your liquid products first before moving on to the powders. Once you’re ready for the powders, softly tap your sculpting brush onto your contouring powder, taking a small amount of product and tapping excess off the brush so you don’t apply all the powder in one lump on the skin which will end up looking patch. Blend the powder in a line in the hollow of your cheekbones (Tip: if you’re not quite sure where this is then suck in your cheeks and that should give you an idea of where the hollows of your cheeks fall). Then also apply under the side of your jawline to slim the face and chin. Use small upward brush strokes for the cheekbones and when applying to the jawline, ensure you blend the powder underneath the chin to complete the shadowed effect.

If you’ve got the hang of that and want to try contouring the nose to define and make it look slimmer, take the smaller EYE SCULPT BRUSH which allows for more precision. Start from the socket of the brow bone and down the parallel sides of the nose to slim and define. Blend at the tip of the nose to shorten.

To gain a visual understanding, watch our makeup artist Gemma demonstrate contouring on the cheeks, jaw and nose:

Top tips to remember when contouring:

- Be subtle: Contouring is supposed to mimic natural shadows and so it is best to contour sparingly, to achieve that naturally defined and sculpted look.

- Blend and Build: Start soft with a small amount of product, build and blend your way to your desired look, in layers to avoid applying too much product.

- Avoid Harsh Lines: Following on from the above tips, avoid any harsh lines or stripes when contouring. This will appear unnatural and unfinished; again, you can prevent harsh lines by ensuring that you thoroughly build and blend.

- Finish by Highlighting: To complete the contouring and sculpting process, and intensify the work you’ve just done, highlight the tops of the cheekbones with the INSTAGLAM COMPACT DELUXE HIGHLIGHTING POWDER. Other high points of your face include under the brow bone and on the cupids bow.

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