Labo Transdermic

[2] Anti-Wrinkle Cream [Deep Wrinkles and Furrows ]

658 AED

Labo Transdermic Anti-Wrinkle Cream Deep Wrinkles and Furrows is a formula that is recommended for mature skin with deep and / or very deep wrinkles.

  • Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3 active anti-aging ingredient that enhances the production of laminin and fibronectin, structural components of the dermo-epidermal contribution
  • Hydrolyzed RNA and DNA cell repair function
  • Magnesium gluconate conditions create muscle relaxant action lines of expression
  • The 8 molecules of Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weight of the Fillerina complex, penetrate differently in the layers of the skin, both the epidermis and the dermis, offering to the skin substantial benefits.

How to use: Apply morning and / or evening on face and neck. Use the cream individually or in combination after applying the Anti-Wrinkle Serum - Deep Wrinkles and Furrows.

As we age, our cell replacement rate slows down, causing the skin to become dull and dry. Collagen, the skins’ building blocks, is more easily broken down and is much more difficult to rebuild, which causes the skin to sag and creates more wrinkles.

How fast the skin ages is affected by different factors but the biggest causes are genetics, UV rays and environmental pollution. The latter ages the skin due to the addition of free radicals into your skin which attacks the cells and breaks them down.


Mature skin needs extra moisture and, as with all skin types, daily protection to keep it healthy. Make sure to choose products that help the skin to repair damage as well as moisturise from within.

  • Retinol is a well documented ingredient designed to help mature skin. It stimulates collagen production and smoothes out fine lines. A good complement to UV protection are antioxidants to help maintain the skins’ radiance. They protect the skin against free radicals and help to repair the cells in the skin.
  • Products with AHA acids will help remove old skin cells, increase cell regeneration and have a smoothing effect.
  • A rich night cream can also give your skin the extra moisture it needs.
  • When treating mature skin it is important to use a high SPF against both UVA and UVB rays.

Make sure to also take into account which skin type you have. Mature skin requires extra care but can also need tailored treatment, for example if your skin is reactive.

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