Aries (21st Mars – 20st April)

You can work miracles this June, as inspiration comes when least expected. You’ll also revisit old plans and see how they fit into a new vision for the future. Meanwhile, try to avoid the kind of person who is ‘all talk and no action’. Your determination is impressive, and being a pioneer is a natural role for you. On the 14th, heated exchanges lead to secrets being revealed – discussions are intense but the treasures you’ll dig up are priceless. Networking and communication are major strengths and others want to engage with you. Someone you adore will spur you on, and you certainly don’t want to disappoint them… You are in demand, but don’t take your incredible energy levels (personal or professional) for granted. On the 26th, accessing your deeper needs is the key to commitment in an affair of the heart.

Taurus (21st April – 21st May)

The best decisions are clearly based on knowing your priorities. You’re especially keen to understand others’ motives, and as a result joint projects will take off. From the 4th, you’ll know exactly what to do when opportunity knocks. Dreams are within reach and although an unusual person is challenging, ultimately they will enhance your own progress. By the 21st, a misunderstanding can be resolved as your negotiation skills will come to the fore. A friend worries that you might take on too much, but you’ll know how to reassure them. It’s time to be appreciated for who you really are, so enjoy the fact that someone wants to spoil you... You may well encounter an old flame this summer, and even if it seems like history is merely repeating itself, new insights will have positive repercussions for your future. 

Gemini (22nd May – 21st June)

Your personal power and charisma are bound to attract admiration… You’ll make a real difference in all your most significant relationships. From the 7th, new developments give you more influence over your immediate destiny. You are especially persuasive right now, so it’s important to mean what you say. By mid-month, you’ll stand your ground on a uniquely personal mission, which is well worth the effort. Yet you must address old issues in order to go forwards. By the 21st, you’ll know you are on track, with the promise of some much-deserved rewards. Your silver-tongued magic is your lucky charm, especially when it comes to a special new bond. This June you’ll turn heads, but beware of over-estimating superficial attractions... It’s time to engage deeply, and discover meaningful common ground.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

A little soul-searching will pay off in style when it comes to future prospects; and the best outcome will require some ‘getting back to basics’. June marks a turning point that contains the seeds of fabulous opportunities.  By the 10th, your allies will be cheering you on, although one person could sap your energy, so choose your company well.  It takes courage to make changes and some are surprised by your radical approach – arguments may ensue, but you’ll attract the support you need. Believing in your strengths is vital to getting results. Remain quietly confident… Being self-contained goes far and it is extremely attractive. There is a secret admirer on the scene who will reveal themselves eventually. After the 25th, knowing how you truly feel boosts all relationships, and you’ll love this.  

Leo (23rd July – 23rd August)

It’s the perfect time to pursue creative ventures, and make headway. From early June, your zest for life motivates many people, but don’t forget to maximise this for yourself too. From the 11th, fresh success is yours, and a colleague – who may have perplexed you in the past – will prove to be a genuine ally. You’ll create a stir by revitalising old ideas and solving tensions at work as if by magic. You’ll find you see eye-to-eye with those you didn’t expect to, making tricky situations feel almost effortless. Some welcome attention leaves you in no doubt as to who really cares. Expect intriguing social times, and perhaps some confusion over the nature of a relationship. Your high energy levels may mean others find it hard to keep up... By the 26th, a blast from the past inspires you to reflect on the meaning of true love. 

Virgo (24th August – 22nd September)

You really don’t need to walk alone, as others will help you achieve your goals. Meanwhile be sure to follow your intuition. When a powerful figure offers opinions, listen carefully – positive feedback feels great but be sure you are being taken seriously too. Around the 10th, you’ll navigate complex issues, yet must re-examine what you really need, which takes courage. You’ll know what you want to achieve at work, and what this demands of you. By the 21st, you’ll see the way forward and this involves embracing your colleagues’ input. Feeling confident is very sexy, and won’t go unnoticed by someone you look up to. Keep your eyes open as to what it all means… At the same time, someone else bowls you over with their originality, and knows exactly how to keep you on your toes. The atmosphere is pretty electric. 

Libra (23rd September – 23rd October)

Embrace the spirit of adventure this June, as it’s time to strike out. However, you may need to backtrack over old plans to formulate new ones. Soon enough you’ll embark on a whole new learning curve. Some workmates genuinely spur you on, but beware of the bullies... After the 14th, your best moves involve speculation, and it seems that goals can be achieved. By searching your heart, you’ll know what matters in the long term. Just be prepared for your vision to cause friction with someone who is over-focused on detail. After the 20th, conversations blow your mind and inspire confidence. A romantic gesture may sweep you off your feet too, and give you invaluable insight into earlier events. You’ll engage deeply with someone, and should enjoy what can best be described as a sense of wonder. 

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

Stimulating proposals lift your spirits, and now you can make smart moves which broaden your horizons. A chance to become more closely involved with projects and people enriches you too. After the 9th, you’ll steam ahead, and a dynamic boss is inspirational. Risk is necessary, however scary… Plus you may need to rethink old habits. Don’t worry if sometimes you feel you are going backwards – this is simply part of the process. What you have invested of yourself pays off this summer and a fantasy can become reality. You are definitely armed with life-changing insights. You’ll connect with a kindred spirit, and shared passions may well intensify. Embrace a new lease of life, but beware of over-stretching yourself. From the 25th, facing on-going self-esteem issues will have powerful results in love and friendship.  

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

A personal breakthrough will come this month, so seize your opportunities as they arise. It is your time to shine on so many levels. However, your popularity could make one person a tiny bit jealous... Combining your fine instincts with tact is the perfect remedy for this. From the 15th, being armed with invaluable new facts will shed light on old demons. Now you can expect a Eureka moment in terms of plans for the future – fresh solutions will be at your fingertips. By the 24th, it’s wise to concentrate on team efforts too, as a calculated risk involving others will be a stroke of genius. Some unusual offers are also worth accepting, as now is the time to experiment. Someone special totally ‘gets’ you and your spirit of adventure. However, other developments are an eye-opener when someone plays the rebel in love. Romance and glamour can be a part of everyday life. 

Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January)

Personal growth can be a rollercoaster ride, and now you’ll discover that most of the answers you seek are already available to you. From the 4th, new work initiatives are too intriguing to be overlooked. You will be super-productive, and receive the support you need. On the 11th, someone’s idea is pure genius, so see this as the lucky break it is. Plus you’ll make the most stunning headway when in a reflective mood. It also becomes clear that a gamble is worth taking. Before long you’ll tie up various loose ends and maximise the ground you have gained. Placing your trust in others goes further than you might expect. Spectacular relationship developments occur in the most mundane situations; don’t underestimate the passion that underlies seemingly routine praise… A weird and wonderful proposal may be a life-changer.

Aquarius (21st January – 18th February)

Many creative goals are in your sights, so it’s important to finish whatever you start. Around the 8th a dynamic exchange is affirmation of your unique gifts, so feel inspired by this. Fabulous feedback is also a welcome boost, but someone could suggest rash moves involving cash. Intuitive decision-making is one of your best skills and the games people play get easier to understand by mid-month. Someone offers brilliant input, but don’t lose sight of your own direction. Hard-line decisions must be made from the 21st, and you won’t regret it... Love is in the air in various forms this June. It’s time to invest energy in neglected relationships and/or explore new possibilities. Words are packed with heightened meaning, and some temptations are irresistible. But mostly you can relax and allow yourself to have fun.

Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

An energy shift this summer means re-examining some goals – career or personal. Building strong foundations is necessary in order to fly high. As soon as the 7th, your resourcefulness will pay off. The mood is lively and you’ll enjoy all kinds of unexpected stimulation. It’s time to enter a bigger playing field; knowing more of the facts should help you feel grounded. However, you can’t avoid an on-going struggle between demands at home and at work. This requires effort, but you’ve got what it takes to succeed with this. Exciting developments are closer to home than you think. Someone from the past reappears in your life and this inspires you in the present. In late June, a split-loyalties dilemma may occur, which absolutely needs your attention. You’ll shed light on what this means, and see a romance blossom.

From astrologer Fiona Graham’s predictions.