Olaplex - Discover the family !

The most talked about, wanted and loved brand by all hair lovers has arrived at Beaute.ae ! A completely innovative brand that has revolutionized the world of hair care, particularly the repair of damaged hair. 
An uncomplicated and complete answer, at the same time. Developed in detail to restore vitality, health, and shine to damaged hair, Olaplex holds the greatest promise: the bonding and repair of hair bonds damaged for various causes!

How does Olaplex complex work?

Our hair shaft is composed of a number of disulfide bonds that ensure the integrity of the hair shaft. When we detect that, by running our hand through our hair, smaller strands fall out every day, we are facing a hair breakage, which can be caused by several agents. 

When hair is damaged by thermal, chemical, mechanical, or environmental factors, these bonds are broken, resulting in single-sulfur hydrogen bonds.

The differentiating factor, its patented active chemical: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. A single molecule that works on a molecular level, visibly improves hair strength, protects from the inside, and gives immediate results for all hair types.

Is this a moisturizing treatment?

No, this is a complete reconstruction treatment! Let's look at the difference:

While protein and hydration treatments are more superficial and do not reach deep into the hair, Olaplex acts at the cellular level, inside the hair shaft, rebuilding the disulfide bonds.


Who is Olaplex for ?

Olpalex is beneficial for all hair types, and the brand itself approaches its customers that way! Whether your hair is virgin, colored, straightened, thick, thin, frizzy, without volume or even for those who use hair extensions, this treatment repairs the damage caused by all technical procedures or everyday actions such as heat sources or even climatic factors such as wind...

Does it contain sulfates?

No! The entire Olaplex line does not contain sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, formaldehyde, gluten, parabens, known as aggressive components that damage hair.

We believe that, among other things, this is the reason why no allergic reactions to any component of the treatment have been reported yet! 

Is it an ecologically responsible brand?

For Olaplex the environment comes first! Its mission is to develop and maintain sustainable products with environmental, social and economic benefits, while protecting public health and the environment throughout the entire life cycle.

What is Olaplex range ? 

Olaplex has launched 7 products.  

No. 0 intensive hair treatment

No. 0 intensive hair treatment

A professionally inspired treatment that prepares the hair for deep repair to better absorb nutrients. It is not meant to be used alone, so it should be used in complement to No.3 Hair Protector.

Routine: Apply No.0 to all hair before washing and leave on for 10 minutes. Without rinsing, apply No.3 all over the hair and leave it on for at least another 10 minutes.

Tip: You won't get any more benefit if you leave the products on for more than 35-40 minutes, so rinse out after that time and proceed with shampoo and conditioner for maximum effectiveness.

No. 3 Hair Protector

No. 3 Hair Protector

A maintenance, repair and essentially protective treatment for the hair shaft, providing an incredible feeling of manageability and hydration. 

No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Cleanses while repairing, strengthening and moisturizing hair!

If you like to wash your hair every day, you won't have to change your routine! This shampoo is designed for frequent use.

Nº5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Nº5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

A highly moisturizing and repairing conditioner! Also developed for frequent use, it fights frizz, repairs split ends, and strengthens the hair shaft. 

Nº6 Bond Smoother Smoothing Cream

Olaplex Nº6 Bond Smoother Smoothing Cream

Perhaps because it is a flexible and passionate product, this leave-in is considered one of the brand's stars! It can work as a defining curl cream, a styling cream, a repairer, and even a thermo-protector! It can be used on wet or dry hair, so you can use it daily. 

No. 7 Repair Oil 

Olaplex No. 7 Repair Oil 

A best-seller, a success at finishing a complete reconstruction treatment, this repair oil works like a serum that can be used on wet or dry hair, at any time and in any condition. If you're looking for shiny, strong, healthy hair, here's a powerful weapon for that purpose!

Nº8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask
Olaplex Nº8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

The brand new addition, the most requested and expected product by Olaplex lovers: a highly concentrated repairing mask! Compared to the conditioner No. 5, this mask takes the next step and gives extra moisture without weighing it down.

Because of its packaging, it performs more economically, as you have greater control over the amount of product.